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Our kittens are raised in our family home, so they are very much loved and always have a lot of cuddles. As they grow we love watching each little kitten's character and personality develop. As they are living in with us, from the moment they are born, they develop a fondness for everyone including our young children. They also are used to household noises such as hoovers, alarm clocks, washing machines etc.  They cheerfully toddle after us around the house awaiting the next cuddle and play. Before they leave for their new home, each kitten will be vet checked, microchipped and have had vaccinations. They will also be litterbox trained and scratch post trained. 


When we feel that each litter of kittens are strong enough and ready, we take them outside with their mum, for a certain amount of time each day to our outdoor catios. This means that they are used to the outdoor atmosphere and noises. This allows our kittens to have a diverse and adaptable outlook.  So if you wish to have a cat that goes outside, they are used to the outdoor noises. However, our cats and kittens never roam free, and wouldn't advise you to let your cat roam free due to the health risks.

Starter Pack

Before you collect the kitten of your choice, you will be provided with an information pack to help ensure a smooth transition to their new home. I will also make sure you receive updates, videos and photos, on their progress on how they are growing before you pick them up. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have before you collect the kitten or as long as you need after you collect the kitten. On the day you collect your kitten, you will be given a starter pack which includes:

  • A New blanket - with the smell of mum and siblings 

  • A week's worth of high quality dry food/biscuits and wet food (if the kitten likes wet food)

  • A toy 

  • GCCF and TICA registration papers

  • 5 generation pedigree form 

  • 4 weeks free insurance

  • Vet Check Certification and a Microchip

  • Vaccination Schedule (Each kitten will have vaccinations before they leave)

These are some of Purrfectsilvers
previous kittens

A close-up of Margot
One of Skye's gorgeous kittens when it was only a few weeks old
WhatsApp Image 2023-09-15 at 19.47_edite
This is Shrimp, one of Astid's kittens.
Having fun playing!
This is River, one of Skye's kittens.
One of Skye's amber tabby kittens again - gorgeous.
Skye's kitten.
IMG-20221021-WA0027 (2).jpg
Nellie - One of Phoebe's kittens.
These are Percy, Peggy, and Pepe.
Yawning! Its a hard life to be a kitten!
A amber silver tabby
Margot again
Pepe, Tilly's cream tabby.
Peggy - A silver spotted tabby

Ruth Young, Cardiff

"Thank you for helping us choose our precious kitten (Now a cat!) She has been the light of our household. We recommend Purrfect Silvers!

Morgan Jameson, Leicestershire

"Wonderful Breeder. Lovely Cats and our kitten is the best we could have ever found.  Thank you Purrfect Silvers!"

Lisa Dover, Reading

“Thank you Thank you Thank you. We had superb service and appreciate your aftercare as much as the help choosing the kitten. We are forever grateful and will come back for our second kitten”
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