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A Bit of Background

How We Got Started

My love of cats has stemmed from early childhood in the USA when we had our childhood cats. As a teenager, I rescued pregnant cats and brought them back to health and kept them safe in our home. Once the kittens were born we were able to find safe homes for them and neuter the mums. Over time, my love of cats has resulted in me investing my time and money into pedigree British Shorthair cats for the pleasure of other households to enjoy. I am happy to export my beautiful kittens all around the world, with an added amount!

Our gorgeous blue spotted silver tabby Queen, Astrid. She is the kitten of the family.


I moved from the USA to the UK 15 years ago and invested my love and time into the British Shorthair breed. This has been a endlessly pleasurable experience as this breed is cuddly, playful and so beautiful. They make a lovely house companion or family addition. We currently own 4 Beautiful Queens and 1 Amazing Stud. We pride ourselves in excelling the breed and each litter of kittens born are of the upmost quality and exude health. 

A kitten named Margot enjoying her new home.

At Purrfect Silvers, I am particular in selecting the right homes for the right kitten. For this reason, I invite you to come visit our cattery and have a look around at the different kittens. We can discuss your plans and requirements and go from there.

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