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Our Queens

Our Queens are all very well looked after and spoiled thoroughly! They each have their own space and outdoor catio so they can enjoy the outdoors as well as being fully protected at the same time.  Our queens only produce 1 or max 2 litters per year depending on the size of the litter and how well the mum has recovered. They are all fully vaccinated and PKD Negative. They are all blood type A. We use a preventative flea and worming treatment on them monthly. We feed our cats with premium foods at all times. We cherish our ladies and as soon as they are starting to show any signs of age, we retire them and keep them as loved pets or find them a loving quiet home where they can spend the rest of their days in happiness.

Cat's Nose

Queen Pheobe

Phoebe is 2 years old. This darling cat is just so caring and compassionate, she always knows when you need some love and attention! She purrs as soon as we are around and is always ready for a cuddle. Phoebe is a Blotched Silver Tabby and has stunning beautiful markings on her face, making her resemble a cheetah! She is quite restful and content with just sitting on our laps. 


Queen Skye

Skye is now 3 years old and she is our only female British Blue Shorthair. She is regarded as the 'Queen of the Castle' here as she is very dignified and mature. She is very playful when she lets her guard down, but once she has, she absolutely loves cuddles and always jumps on our laps. She is very chunky and true to the British Shorthair 'type'


Queen Astrid

Astrid is a Spotted Silver Blue Tabby and so lovely. Astrid is the 'Kitten of the family' and somehow always gets the extra cuddle and gets out of trouble! She is very dainty and small, but doesn't let that deter her from being extremely friendly and so playful. She is 2 years old. Astrid loves to 'make biscuits' and cuddle her favourite blanket.

Cute Cat

Some Of Our Retired Queens

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