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Pedigree Name: ADMOOBR RoyalMorris 

Pet Name: Alfonso Duke (aka Alfie) 


Blood Type: A 

I am very proud to present our first blue stud: Alfie! He is the most trusting, and loving cat I have come across. He would follow you to the end of the earth. He is 11 months old and already over 4.5kg! 

Just like my beautiful Skye, Alfie is definitely show standard. His father was Rich Copper Elbrus, and he was absolutely massive, like a small dog, his breeder said he got through seven packs of wet food a day! Alfie is already showing this through his size. He has also got stunning copper eyes, and is extremely chunky. He has got a broad chest and short legs. 

Alfonso looking.jpg


Pedigree Name: Sir Santiago of PurrfectSilvers

Pet Name: Santiagio Alexandar (aka. Santy) 

GEMS CODE: ns22 

Blood Type: A 

Santiagio is actually only 3 months old, as we bought him as a kitten who will grow up with us. He already has amazing qualities, and I am sure he will become show quality. He has got absolutely amazing coat markings, they are so distinct and very stunning. 

Untitled (2).jpg
Pascal on his 'throne' looking out at all his Queens!
Gorgeous aqua-marine eyes!
He has amazing stripes and the classic 'm' on his forehead.

Retired! Pascal

Pascal is the all time sweetheart! He is just the kind of cat you always want. Soon as we are around he rolls onto his back and wants a rub on the tummy. You could believe he is an actual teddy bear. He loves his cat treats and will do all types of things to get to them from standing on his back legs to jumping distances that seem impossible! He adores his Queens and is very protective of them as well. Pascal creates amazing classic silver tabby kittens with gorgeous personalities. He has got a stunning coat, with gorgeous strips and a amazing oyster. He has been a brilliant Stud for us for 2 years now. He is Blood Type A and PKD negative. He is TICA and GCCF Registered. He is fully vaccinated and has a preventative flea treatment monthly and worming treatment every 3 months.  

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