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Alfonso Duke aka Alfie- British Blue 

This handsome man is our first-ever British Blue stud. He is stunning, he is only 9 months old and already over 4 kg! Alfonso has an amazing lineage, and has got many champions, international grand champions, etc in him. This is portrayed in his excellent type: thick, plush fur, short legs, chunky face and striking orange eyes. Not only this, but he is also the best example for a typical British Shorthair teddy bear. He lives for cuddles and always demands attention. 

Alfonso looking.jpg

Santiagio Alexander aka Sonty - Classic Black Silver Tabby 

This is our youngest stud ever! At the moment, he is only 3 months old, but we can't wait until he is old to stud. He has got very strong, bright markings and has excellent type. He enjoys playing with his feather wand and his other toys. His lineage is also exceptional, he would be ideal for showing, but I don't do that at the moment. 

Untitled (2).jpg
Pascal on his 'throne' looking out at all his Queens!
Gorgeous aqua-marine eyes!
He has amazing stripes and the classic 'm' on his forehead.

Retired! Pascal

Pascal is the all time sweetheart! He is just the kind of cat you always want. Soon as we are around he rolls onto his back and wants a rub on the tummy. You could believe he is an actual teddy bear. He loves his cat treats and will do all types of things to get to them from standing on his back legs to jumping distances that seem impossible! He adores his Queens and is very protective of them as well. Pascal creates amazing classic silver tabby kittens with gorgeous personalities. He has got a stunning coat, with gorgeous strips and a amazing oyster. He has been a brilliant Stud for us for 2 years now. He is Blood Type A and PKD negative. He is TICA and GCCF Registered. He is fully vaccinated and has a preventative flea treatment monthly and worming treatment every 3 months.  

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