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The very important Cat Office!

Virtually Visit Our Cattery!

This page will show you the ins and outs of our cattery. Our cats live very happily during the day in our outdoor cattery,  from the enrichment-full 'cat flats', to the cosy, living-in-style 'cat mansion'. Of course, all our cats also live inside with us, but I believe it is important for the cats to have the wholesome experience of living outside (safely) and inside.


Not to forget the extremely important control tower of PurrfectSilvers; named, 'the Cat Office'. All of our areas are well-insulated, and have well-placed sockets inside so we are able to supply extra heaters for the cats during any cold weather. Make sure to check out the video tour of the cattery. 

Virtual Tour...

The Cat Office contains everything I need to run a breeding business.
Cat Office
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