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Welcome To Purrfect Silvers

Welcome! We are so happy to have you on board! Purrfect Silvers is a family owned breeder in Bedfordshire specializing in silver tabby kittens. We adore cats and kittens and everything that comes along with it. If your looking for a bundle of fun... you're at the right place! click the button below to start looking at our queens and their kittens

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At Purrfect Silvers, I have been building our reputation since I bred my first cats back in America as a teenager. I take my responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, temperament, beauty, safety and well-being of all our silver tabby kittens and cats. I love all colours but the silver tabby kittens really struck a cord for me as they are so stunning and majestic! They look so regal. The happiest days for me are when one of my cats is adopted by a loving and welcoming family.


Three of Astid's gorgeous kittens! Two Silver Tabbies, and one Amber Tabby

Astrids Kittens


West Hill


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