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I am looking for a gorgeous silver-shaded female. She would be treated as the Queen she is - she will have lots of friends to cuddle and snuggle with! 

I would require her to have all documents needed for a breeding, pedigree cat: vaccination card, microchip documents, pedigree certificates and ancestry, Langford Laboratory results (I could do this myself if needs be). I would like it if she is Full on her GCCF pedigree, but I would consider S
upplementary. No reference please! She would also need to have a excellent lineage and lovely type: dark eyeliner, stunning blue or green eyes, and a plush white coat. 

As much as I truly want to take in all cats humanely possible, I will be very specific to secure my beautiful Queen. If you believe you have the cat for me, please let me know. All my cats are treated like royalty. I pride myself on being a ethical breeder.  

Chunky silver shaded british shorthair. It has blue-green eyes and has a red nose with black outline.
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